Places to Visit During Your Stay – Nelder Grove

Sky Ranch Road and Nelder Grove Picnic Area

The Sky Ranch Road provides access to a beautiful uncrowded part of the Forest that includes the Nelder Grove of Giant Sequoias.  Along Sky Ranch Road you will find Nelder Grove, just a 2 mile walk or drive from Paradise Springs. This area of Giant Sequoias is managed to preserve the uniqueness and historical significance of the area. The Bull Buck Tree is located in the grove and is considered to be one of the world’s largest Giant Sequoias. There is a self-guided trail located in the grove. Friends of Nelder Grovends of Nelrove

Friends of Nelder Grove is an informal group of citizens dedicated to better understanding the cultural and natural history of Nelder Grove of Giant Sequoias leading to its interpretation and active management for the mutual benefits of sustaining Nelder Grove’s natural resources and its use and enjoyment by the visiting public.
Nelder Grove is an ecologically unique area with high natural, research and recreation values due to the number of accessible specimen sized Giant Sequoias, cultural artifacts and existing developed recreation sites (trails, interpretive sites, picnic area and campground).
Friends of Nelder Grove have access to the most complete historical research documents and personal library of John and Marge Hawksworth, long time stewards of Nelder Grove. Enhancing the preservation, reasonable access and interpretation of the Hawksworth Library is a high goal of the Friends of Nelder Grove. The Hawksworth Library has the potential to serve as a foundation for a new series of interpretive publications and maps enhancing visitor knowledge and enjoyment. Working in partnership with other groups and individuals, Friends of Nelder Grove seek to become a formal organization of volunteers dedicated to assisting the Forest Service in its public service responsibilities in Nelder Grove through improved safe recreation opportunities, site interpretation, and sustainable active management due to increasing threat from wildfires, insect and disease.
If interested in joining or for more information please contact:

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