Featured Wedding: Kristen & Joe

Paradise Springs May Feature Wedding

Paradise Springs wishes Joe & Kristen a lifetime of happiness and joy. Congratulations!

Thank you to Ken Kienow for sharing these beautiful photos.

A moment captured.

The beautiful vases used throughout the venue held special memories for the bride and groom. Prior to their wedding, Joe was deployed to the Middle East for 6 months. During this time, Joe sent Kristen a different bouquet of flowers each week in an unique antique vase from April Flowers. The vases were prominent throughout the ceremony and reception adding whimsy, charm and stunning colors.

The uniforms offered a stunning contrast throughout the outdoor ceremony.

An evening filled with love, family and wonderful memories.

Sneaking something tasty from the Bride & Groom

All photos provided by Ken Kienow

Venue: Paradise Springs
Cake: Trelio Restaurant
Caterer: Pardini’s Catering
Dress Designer: Paloma Blanca
Flowers: April Flowers
Officiant: Gordon Hall
Shoe Designer: Etienne Aigner
Stationery: Em Dot Zee Designs
Veil or Hair Accessories: Paloma Blanca
Event Designe & Coordinator: Leah Prendez (friend of bride)
DJ: The Fresneaux Ramblers (Bluegrass Band)
Hair & Makeup: Maggie Manley (friend of bride)


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