2013 Trend – Mint Green

The color mint was huge on the runway at the spring fashion shows this year. You’ll see this soft, soothing color on save the dates, wedding invitations, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, and wedding decor. To make the theme more than just the color, mint will also make its way into signature wedding cocktails (think mojitos), cakes and cupcakes, centerpieces, and wedding favors.

Why the sudden like for mint? The vintage trend has brought mint green back to the forefront as it was the color of choice for many home and personal items (such as telephones, typewriters, appliances, bathroom sinks and tile) in the 1940s and 1950s. In their Spring issue, Martha Stewart Weddings has also jumped on the mint bandwagon, suggesting that brides pair it with lemon yellow for a beautiful, fresh color palette.

Here are some products that will make you fall in love with mint.

Succulent green wedding bouquet.


Mint Paper Lanterns to decorate the reception tent -http://weddings.theknot.com/                         


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