Wedding Reception Decor Trends

Mix-Matched Centerpieces: One of the biggest trends we’ve seen is, as opposed to having one flower arrangement on a table, people are doing a variety of smaller bud vases featuring different, single-stemmed flowers. By using a variety of mismatched vases from thrift stores or “Grandma’s basement”, you’ll be able to create the eclectic look you’re striving for.

Design by Kelly Oshiro Design, flowers by Tricia Fountaine, photos by Caroline Tran Photography via Style Me Pretty

Unique Place Settings: Gone are the days of tables set with perfectly matching dinnerware and glassware.  And the same things goes for place settings. But can this mismatched look work for a high-end wedding? Absolutely! The result is an elegant wedding with an “eclectic, refined” feel to it.

Small, Elegant Weddings: There was such a theme of opulence and over-the-top decor and indulgence and it’s now shifted to the other side. The current trend is “not minimalist, but it’s very elegant and done in a tasteful way. Rather than having 400 people at their wedding, couples are inviting 150 guests and they’re serving excellent food and spending a little bit more on the wine.

Vintage Themes: The vintage look is still going strong. It’s “really hot” right now, so we can expect to see many more mason jars filled with signature cocktails or simple wildflower arrangements incorporated in reception decor.

Alternative Head Tables: Couples are inviting the members of their wedding party and their dates to sit at a large, double-sided head table in the center of the room. People are sort of getting over the fact that some people might have to see their backs. It’s an evening to be sociable, so it’s not like you’re staring at someone’s back all night. It’s just during dinner, so that’s acceptable.

Ditch The Crystal: If you’ve been to a wedding within the past couple of years, you’ve no doubt spotted your share of crystals. They were dripping all over every centerpiece for years and that look is gone. Reception decor these days is a little bit more reasonable and comfortable for everyone.



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