Plan an Unforgettable Reunion – part 2


Decide the type of reunion you want 
All families are different. Some require nothing more than tents, a grill and a park to have a good time. Others prefer a banquet hall with a band or DJ. Start talking with your family about what type of family reunion you want. Keep in mind that the earlier you invite people, the more will be able to attend.

Family Reunion

Family Reunion Tees

Choose a date and location
Summertime is traditionally the time of year for family reunions, but if your family would rather sled than swim, winter gatherings can be great too. You might plan your event for a special day like a birthday or anniversary. Three-day weekends give out-of-town relatives more time to travel, but lodging rates may be lower during off-peak times.

Once you decide on the date, decide where the gathering will be held. Choosing the right location is a key part of a successful reunion. Think about what your family plans to do during the reunion and pick a location conducive to those activities. Wherever you look, consider the services available, capacity, cost, accessibility, restrooms and availability – and if necessary, be sure to reserve the location as soon as possible.

Establish a budget
If you’re hosting a potluck buffet or a small gathering in your backyard, your expenses can be relatively low. Larger reunions may require more substantial funding. Keep accurate records of all expenses. You may want to set up a special checking account to help keep track of revenues and expenses. Don’t feel you have to foot the bill on your own. Ask family members to help by contributing, or hold a fundraiser.

Family & Friends in Paradise… Whether you’re having a Family Reunion or a much needed Friends Getaway, Paradise Springs is the perfect place for your gathering.  Paradise Springs is located between Oakhurst and Yosemite National Park in the Sierra National Forest.  Paradise is surrounded by beautiful pine and cedar trees with natural landscape, fishing ponds & waterfalls; and is in  close proximity to many wonderful activities and shopping adventures.  With the Villa and several cabins we have beds for 48 people and unlimited outdoor lodging for the outdoor adventurers.  Meals are a fun and casual group effort in the amazing custom kitchen at the Villa or many outdoor barbecue areas.Religious & Spiritual Retreats in Paradise… Whether you’re on a Church retreat or a spiritual gathering, Paradise Springs is the perfect location for peace, serenity and reflection.  With its beautiful, natural landscape complete with waterfalls and ponds, Paradise Springs will inspire your next group event.Arts in Paradise… Whether you’re scrapbooking, quilting, or creating a masterpiece, Paradise Springs lends inspiration to creativity.  With its beautiful, natural landscape complete with waterfalls and ponds, Paradise Springs is the perfect location for your next group event.

Business Retreats in Paradise…Team building has never been so inspiring as it will be at Paradise Springs.  Paradise is located just one hour from Fresno in the heart of the Sierra National Forest, and minutes from Yosemite National Park.  It is surrounded by beautiful pine, oak and cedar trees with natural landscape, fishing ponds & waterfalls; and is in close proximity to many wonderful activities.  Let our Caterers spoil you or you can further bond the team by preparing meals in our modern, industrial kitchens and barbecue areas.

Seasons in Paradise…Enjoy the changing of the seasons in the mountains.  Paradise Springs is located at 5,200 feet elevation and is beautiful at any time of year.    During the spring come enjoy the cool breeze, bright flora, and outdoor activities.  In the summer escape the triple digits and visit Paradise where you can play outside all day in perfect weather, and still curl up under a blanket at night.  In the brisk autumn, come up to see the changing colors of the scenery.



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