Plan an Unforgettable Reunion – part 3

Plan a theme
A themecan serve as a rallying cry. Use it in all communications about the reunion to create consistency, excitement and a sense of belonging. Themes are limited only by your imagination. wedding-basket-of-sandals
Plan your food
Having the right food can make or break your reunion. Check with your family about food allergies or aversions before choosing food. If your reunion will be held at a restaurant, get a list of options and create a couple of menus that fit within your budget. If you plan to have a potluck, decide what types of dishes everyone should bring.

Send your first “save-the-date” invitation as soon as you’ve decided on a date and location. That way your family can put the reunion on their calendars early, and they’ll be more likely to attend. If you’re having a potluck, use the invitation to assign dishes. If the gathering will be at a restaurant, inform them of the price range or remind everyone to send payment in advance. Send a reminder a couple of weeks before the gathering. If you still haven’t heard from some relatives a week or so before the event, contact them to ensure attendance.
Plan activities
Planning a few games and activities for your reunion can help relatives (especially those who don’t see each other often) relax and feel comfortable. Activities can also keep kids happy and occupied so that the adults can talk. The possibilities are endlessfrom a little friendly competition to icebreakers, to crafts that express your creativity. Decide what games and activities will be appropriate for your gathering and your theme.

Capture the memories
Your family gathering will be a memorable event. It’s also the perfect time to explore and preserve your family’s history and traditions. You can capture the memories in many ways including photographs, video recordings, video heirlooms and scrapbooks. And, while the family is all together, it’s the perfect time to create or update your family tree.



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