Tips & Heirlooms – Planning an Awesome Reunion

Your family gathering will be a memorable event. It’s also the perfect time to explore and preserve your family’s history and traditions. You can capture the memories in many ways including photographs, video recordings, video heirlooms and scrapbooks.


Group Photos

A group photo captures everyone who attends your gathering all at once. That makes it the single most important image of the event.


Candid photos capture people doing what they do best — being themselves.

Video Recordings

Video is unbeatable at capturing the physical side of life: what the kids looked like when they were growing up, the sound of people’s voices and laughter, crazy fashion trends, etc. Many of the videography best practices are the same as photography. Most importantly, relax, have fun and let your family and friends’ personalities shine through!

Video Heirlooms

Life is full of pearls of wisdom and experiences that can benefit you and those around you. Preserve those nuggets of life stories, family history, wisdom and experience. Putting together a video about the lives of the people most important to you is more than just a fulfilling experience, it’s one of the most unique gifts you can give your family. And it will last more than a lifetime. You can capture footage at the reunion, or shoot it before the event and show it that day.


More than compiling a record of a gathering, creating scrapbooks can be a rewarding, creative hobby. And, it’s one that can be shared with others. Complete a scrapbook of your gathering. Then take it to the next gathering for everyone to enjoy. Who knows? It could be the start of a family tradition.

Build Your Family Tree | Tips From

Build Your Family Tree | Tips From Postconsumers

Family Tree

Are you distantly related to a Revolutionary War general? When did your ancestors come to America? Are there any horse thieves or famous inventors in your family background?

Staying in Paradise…

Paradise Springs was originally a logging camp in the early 1900s.  Eureka Springs Park was established in the late 60’s for a recreational Christian camp and Resort that operated for many years.  The property was almost forgotten, except for a few families that were using the camp.  Today you can see the remains of the logging camp in the form of large tree stumps that still remain on the property, and a few original cabins remain through the forest as a reminder of the past.

At the present time Paradise Springs has refurbished three cabins and one large lodge known as the “Villa”, which includes a large commercial kitchen, a rock fireplace with seven bedrooms upstairs, that sleeps 20 people.  In addition there is a large meeting hall called the “Bella Pavilion” which was the original Chapel, with a one bedroom suite upstairs.  Currently, Paradise can sleep 50 comfortably.  The other cabins are all unique and are custom decorated, rustic but elegant.

Location of this property is one hour from Fresno and 15 to 30 minutes to quality eating establishments, recreational facilities, antique & collectible shopping, art galleries, museums, golf, historic train, Bass Lake and Yosemite National Park.

Paradise Springs is the ideal location for vacation getaways, friends & family reunions, weddings, group retreats, meetings and more.



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