The Characters

This is so adorable ~ and how fun! Love the “Tiny Alice!”

My Alice in Wonderland Wedding

Since we’ve got back to OZ we got wonderful news- We’re moving to Sydney! Yay!
So I am and will be, busy packing and doing stuff.

But I haven’t forgotten about my blog. Yet…

So! Back to the wedding.

We were pretty late to our own wedding. (I’ll tell you why sometime in the future…) As we got out of our “Love Mobile” (The car had red love hearts and golden crowns as decorations), the white rabbit pointed at his big clock and accused us of being late! I was delighted. My hubby was shocked.

All these beautiful characters were a surprise from me to him. He never had a clue about my genius plan. We are this kind of couple that once in a while surprise each other. When he proposed, it was a scene from 007, right in the heart of Paris. So it was my turn now…

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