Ideas to Make Your Party Shine!

Love all of these ideas!

{ S h a d e s o f S h a n n . c o m }

With my move date getting closer and closer, I’ve been brainstorming ideas for housewarming parties. You know I’ll jump on any excuse to throw a party!

The other day, one of my co-workers told me her dream housewarming party was to throw a cocktail party where everyone brings their favorite liquor, mix, or drink and leaves it so she would have an amazing time with her friends and have a fully stocked bar after the party was over. Of course, I loved this idea! I’ve always wanted a fully stocked bar so I could display all of my varieties of alcohol in a cute vintage bar cart…. with a few other little touches.

So, for this week’s Monday’s Musings, I wanted to gather all of my ideas for this potential housewarming cocktail party and maybe give you a few ideas of your own. Enjoy!

mondays musings 8.12.13

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