Wedding Signature Cocktails

Soon to Be a Mrs.

I love a good cocktail! I have being seeing and reading about wedding signature cocktails and what a fun idea.  I mean honestly there isn’t a dirty martini that I have met and didn’t love! My brother and his wife gifted the Mr. and I a beautiful martini set one year for Christmas and the rest is history.  From the classics (the SATC cosmo) to the adventurous (Chadwick’s created a crazy delicious dirty pickle martini for the 4th of July it was ahhhmazing) the martini set has been a mainstay.  But, with our nuptials being in the AM the martini maybe just a bit too intense (even for me).

So, we started thinking about what our signature cocktail should be…I knew there had to be mimosas and bloody marys on the bar menu but, I didn’t want to change them.  There are delicious in their beautifully original recipe.  Plus, I…

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