The Wedding Planner Insider Note Part 3

Simple Elegant Details

Make a Statement

If you are familiar with my previous blogs you know this is one of my favorite subjects. Having a central inspiration element is the most important thing in setting the tone of your big day. It can be a kind of a flower, a fruit, your tiara, his cufflinks, a pastry plate or even a spoon from grandma. Believe it or not there were times that I have designed an entire dinner party over a simple spatula that I have found in the flea market! Or a new candelabra!  Have a design element, otherwise your wedding will be a mishmash of things that (most of the time) not only don’t match (and I am not talking about color or shape, I am talking about what they represent and how they fit into your event) but also they will make you seem indecisive.

1Photo courtesy of Baccarat

The Character of Your…

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