Wedding food tips.

Vivid Occasions

Ah, food. Who doesn’t love food? Let’s talk about food!

Remember this is an important part of your wedding you shouldn’t forget about.

Here are 6 tips by Bourbon and Bleu for designing your menu:

Foie gras and truffles won’t make your guests feel comfortable. Think fun and yummy, something that will make your guests talk about the food in a good way.

Most caterers will let you provide them with recipes, which will make your menu unique!

Either a menu for each guest or a large menu for everyone to see, it’s important everyone knows what they’ll be eating (especially if some of them have allergies!).

Cocktail hour is perfect to get creative, just remember appetisers should be bite sized and come with a big pop of flavour. When it comes to the cocktails, 2 is the right number: the bride’s cocktail and the groom’s.

The dessert table is…

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