My Notes: 2014 Trends Redefined – New York Bridal Fashion Week

Simple Elegant Details

Well it is all over and we got the 2014 “hint” of the newest trends, colors, fabrics, styles, etc.

As we all know, with Vera Wang introducing the Pink collection, there is a lot of talk about the color “Pink”. I saw this picture on Pinterest the other day and it instantly became my favorite!

I Love the “grand” style of the room, the colors of the walls and the shapes of the drapes. The beautiful crystal chandelier and the antique French chair.

The room is being decorated very simply yet chic and elegant and off course the most important piece, the antique looking pink sofa with different shades of pink and purple pillows and don’t forget the “Pink shoes”! To me this picture represents what 2014 trends are all about!

Here are my notes from the  fashion week:

More of dresses and veils matching

Fuller skirts, but much lighter…

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