Planning an Amazing Reunion

Written by Anne Driscoll for Paradise Springs

Whether you’re having a Family Reunion or a much needed Friends Getaway, Paradise Springs is the perfect place for your gathering. Paradise Springs is located between Oakhurst and Yosemite National Park in the Sierra National Forest. Paradise is surrounded by beautiful pine and cedar trees with natural landscape, fishing ponds & waterfalls; and is in  close proximity to many wonderful activities and shopping adventures. With the Villa and several cabins we have beds for 48 people and unlimited outdoor lodging for the outdoor adventurers. Meals are a fun and casual group effort in the amazing custom kitchen at the Villa or many outdoor barbecue areas. images

Know Who is Family. Prepare an up to date family address book and information about who will be involved in the reunion. Reunion planners strongly recommend deciding early who will be invited and involved. Will this be a smaller, immediate family reunion? Or are cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. involved? Are you working from one common ancestor and looking for all his or her descendants? You have to get a box around the groups and families involved.

288508-outdoor-party-suppliesBuild an Address Book. For every separate family unit involved, make sure you have all the needed contact information. Remember to get email addresses as well as street addresses so you can communicate electronically during the planning process. This will reduce time factors and stress!

Send Out A Survey. Once you know who will be invited, send out a survey to all the potential participants. In this survey, ask for information about timing issues, budget questions (appropriate travel costs, expected expenses, lodging, etc.), genealogy information and resources, ages and genders of participants, etc. Find out what the masses think will make a successful reunion.

Select a Date. Once you see the survey results, find a time that best meets the needs of the participants. Understand that you will probably not find a time to accommodate 100% of those invited, but you also want a date that will work for most of them.

Once these basic steps are taken care of, you can focus on assigning interested family members tasks such as meal planning, reunion theme and lists of excursions & things to do while there.

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