How to Choose a Site for an Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding adds a lot of character to a ceremony and offers the natural beauty of the outdoors. Paradise Springs offers a beautiful setting, while being significantly cooler than the Valley in the summer.

You should consider the following factors when the time comes to choose a site for an outdoor wedding.

TylYwp9UhUN5yHx8wEv0E2iJAxlp2ixsVx_ICKhImkQThink about the weather and the comfort of your guests when choosing an outside wedding location. If you are having your wedding in the middle of summer, you don’t want to expose your guests and your food to the extreme heat. Consider a location that offers shade, either with trees or a covered area. Another option would be to put up a tent to create shade. Ask the vendor coordinator if they supply large fans for cooling guests.

  • Prepare for the worst for your outdoor wedding. A covered area should definitely be an option in the spring, fall and winter, especially if you are located in a four-season area and the weather is unpredictable. Prepare for windy days also which will affect table linens, decorations, and immaculately dressed dinner tables. Paradise Springs offers gorgeous outdoor venues while providing a gorgeous back-up option in case of unexpected shifts in the weather.
  • Pick an outdoor venue that will look beautiful at the time of your wedding. Whether it’s the view you like or the surrounding area, you want to do as little as possible to the area so that the natural beauty is enough. In the case that it’s not enough, contemplate the efforts and cost of additional decorations and flowers.
  • Select an outdoor wedding site that will have sufficient light if you are having an evening wedding. Choose a location with lamps or strung lights so that your guests can safely move around the grounds. Use candles for table centerpieces.
  • Remember the facilities. If there is not a nearby restroom, you need to bring in portable facilities if allowed. Some companies offer stylish port-a-potties for such a fancy occasion.
    • If you’re having a summer wedding, and plan on having elderly guests, have a cooler with small bottles of water available. Also, tuck one or two washcloths in cooler, sitting in the ice. If someone gets too hot, often this could be the bride or groom, a cold washcloth on the back of the neck really helps.
    • Consider the direction of the sun – will your guests, officiant or wedding party be blinded during the ceremony?

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