Weddings and Pinterest

If you’re planning a wedding, you already know the Internet is a great resource.
There’s a new player in the online wedding game, and it’s quickly becoming one
of the most popular – Pinterest.

On, you can grab photos from around the web and ‘pin’ them
onto ‘boards,’ meaning you can post the photos online, under your user name,
into categories of your choosing. You can also browse other Pinterest user


Many Pinners that are dreaming of their big day post boards dedicated to
weddings. The photos are often accompanied with comments, and can
include tips or instructions on how to create the look that was captured in the
picture. Like wedding forums, you can interact with friends or strangers to get
suggestions and ideas for your special day, but this time, it’s all centered around
pictures of your choosing.

Pinterest certainly displays boards for all the biggies like the gown, décor and
food. But Pinterest’s real strength is in highlighting the details. It’s on this site that
you’ll find inspiration behind your personalized napkins, the perfect photography
poses or an idea for ‘something blue.’ Those seemingly insignificant details will
make your day truly unique.

Like many online wedding hotspots, Pinterest runs the risk of overwhelming. So,
to get the most out of the site, make sure to be specific when you’re scoping out


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