Valley couple paying $0 for $60,000 wedding

Valley couple paying $0 for $60,000 wedding

The upcoming nuptials of Isaac & Jessica are both highly anticipated and highly creative. The couple has been creating trades with other industry professionals to design the wedding of their dreams. Paradise Springs is thrilled to be a part of this wonderful event!

Almost by accident, the wedding’s price tag has climbed above $60,000. And with a camera crew always in tow, it’s all been recorded for a new documentary called “Silver Barter the Movie.”

But with the wedding fast approaching, Jessica and Isaac have started considering the next steps of their life together — albeit through the same lens.

“He wants to trade for our house,” Jessica said. “He wants to then trade for the baby. He wants to do this whole thing.”

“I think you could literally take this business model of filmmaking and apply it to almost any industry,” Isaac said.

But first, a wedding made possible by a chorus of ‘I dos’. Isaac and Jessica are still hoping to trade for rings and a honeymoon before their big day.

Their documentary is scheduled for release in November. And you can see clips from the movie and keep up with its progress on their website at


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