How to Create an Impactful BAR

Embellished Events {Blog}

hopkins_studios_madelinejoe019 Photo by Hopkins Studios

Let’s be honest, the bar is the hottest spot of the night at any wedding. It gets more action than any fancy food bar and is the center of fun. For that reason, it’s especially important that you not overlook the decor and design of the most frequented area at your reception. Here are some tips to get your creative wheel turning:

  1. Perfect the Lighting:

    636 Photo by Brandon Lata

     From as simple as putting a couple lamps on the bar top to as elaborate as having a custom light fixture made to hang overhead, think about the lighting at your bar. Lamps bring a sense of home to the bar and are an inexpensive way to provide an impactful piece of decor. Another idea is to have a custom piece of wood covered in boxwood with edison bulbs hanging beneath (I’m dying to try that one out…

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