Vintage Chic Still a Huge Trend

One of the most popular wedding themes is vintage. Vintage typically refers to a particular harvest or crop of wine, but can also mean pertaining to a high quality past time. In this case, we mean the latter of the two. Vintage wedding themes are taking the wedding industry by storm.

Fashion: One of the first things to check off your list is a wedding gown, and designers have caught onto the vintage bandwagon. There are tiers of lace on gowns, sleeves, and sweet pearl details. Along with strings of pearls adorning brides necks, bird cages are making a comeback, as well as bridal caps. Gloves and lace boots are also making their way back onto the wedding scene.

M84EY-0MXpqzq1xzXipMP_Kesp-BoN8PpJwhZErwDr4Flowers: You can indulge in a gorgeous brooch bouquet, which can be solely made up of vintage brooches from your grandmother, or from an antique store.

Reception: You can be taken away in a vintage car, like a Rolls Royce, or swept away by carriage. You might find yourself in a barn type wedding, adorned with chandeliers and mason jars all over. Mason jars are extremely popular right now and can be adorned with lace, or have pictures in them showing family. Don’t be afraid to find some hat boxes to capture the vintage era you are going for in your wedding.

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