Things to do in Yosemite!

Yosemite Rafting & Water Sports

Written by Anne Driscoll for Paradise Springs

We are so lucky to live and work near one of America’s most beautiful national parks. Here we share some warm weather activities to look forward to during your visit!

Stay cool on a warm day by spending some time down by the water.  Whether you’re serious about fishing, or just serious about fun, the many rivers and lakes in Yosemite can provide just the right source of recreation.

In Yosemite, rafting is a fun, relaxing way to cool off and take in the views.  Gather your friends and family, rent a raft and float leisurely down the Merced River. 

Whether you are interested in lounging by the river or splashing at one of our swimming pools, at Yosemite, swimming is a restful and refreshing way to spend an afternoon.

The Park has spectacular fishing in both the front and backcountry.  Yosemite Fishing licenses are available at select locations within the park.

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What’s In A Name? – Yosemite National Park

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Yosemite National Park, a beautiful park located in Eastern California is known for it’s scenic vistas, enormous granite cliff, wildlife, plant life, and of course, various waterfalls You might be surprised to learn the meaning and origin of the name, “Yosemite.”
El Capitan - Yosemite

L.H. Bunnel, of the Mariposa Battalion, gave Yosemite it’s name in 1852. Yosemite comes from the Valley Miwok word for “Grizzly Bear” or “Killer.”  It may seem surprising that a word with such a violent meaning was used as the name for this amazing landscape. The Native American people living in the area at the time actually called it “Awooni” which means “large mouth” because they thought the valley resembled a gaping mouth. Do you think this is a fitting name?

Yosemite Falls

The tribe living within the valley was known as violent and were called ‘killers’ or ‘grizzles’ by the Miwoks, who feared them. This is where Bunnel got the word…

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