Tips for Ordering a Wedding Cake

Cakes Planner
Your wedding cake is the edible centerpiece of your wedding reception. When meeting with your cake designer, bring photographs of cakes you love or fabric swatches of your color scheme to help them design the perfect cake for you.


Many couples also order a groom’s cake. This is often designed to reflect a particular hobby or personality trait of the groom, and can be a true work of edible art. If you’re having a large reception, consider ordering additional sheet cakes. And finally, your baker should not only be accustomed to making wedding cakes, but also skilled at transporting and assembling them.

Vintage-Wedding-Cakes-260x260Questions To Ask
• Do you specialize in any certain styles or flavors?
• Do you recommend a certain type of cake for an outdoor or seasonal reception?
• Can you custom create a wedding or groom’s cake from a photograph or idea?
• Can you match the cake colors to fabric swatches or flowers?
• Can you create individual cakes to be used as favors?
• Can you create specialized cakes for certain dietary needs?
• Do you offer a tasting?
• How much time do you need to prepare the cake at the reception?
• Do you offer instruction on how to cut the cake?
• Will you supply a proper container in which to freeze the top of the cake?
• Will you charge for any supports or bases on the cake?
• May I return the supports and bases for a refund? When?
• Are the cakes priced by the slice or by the cake? Do you have a price list?
• How far in advance must I book your services?
• What is your cancellation policy?
• Is a deposit required? If so, when and how much?

Premier Bride Showplace

Join us at this January’s Premier Bride Showplace! Sunday, January 5th, 2014 from 10-4 pm Tips: Plan In Advance – Make a list of what you will need most and what your budget will allow for each item and service. … Continue reading

Shine! Your Style on Wedding Day

So you have found the guy, found the dress, but you really want your bridal look to scream YOU! Consider adding one or all of the following suggestions into your bridal look on your wedding day. This will surely add a quirky, elegant and unforgettable addition to your wedding!

47a2ce36b3127cce98548e53445000000035100AaNGzRi1ZOGhgPersonalize it: Have a patch made or even a piece of the gown embroidered with your custom monogram with your new initials and wedding day on it. Make the embroidery blue, so that you have the “something blue” covered. You can also add an image instead of a monogram, like a heart or other picture that is special to you. Have the patch or other insignia added to the inside of your gown, this will be something that you will see, but it adds that extra touch of you on your wedding day. Wearing a veil? Consider having the bottom of the veil embroidered with white or ivory thread, it is simply unforgettable.

Have a Surprise!: You might want to think about adding a fun layer of fabric under your gown. Have the fabric sewn on the inside of the gown and get ready for a photo op! If your gown isn’t full enough, you might consider having a crinoline dyed to your favorite color.

Your Shoes: Gone are the days of plain ivory heels, and enter a whole new world of shoes for your wedding day! From cowboy boots to bridal sandals, brides are finding shoes that appeal to them and express their personality. Have fun with this one, and make sure you get shoes you can wear over and over again!

Not Just White: You might be in love with the color pink, why don’t you wear a pink wedding gown? Color is very in style right now, and you might consider wearing a dress in your favorite color.

Gipson/Graef Wedding May 4th 2013

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Yes, please! RSVP to these beautiful inviatation designs.

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Paradise Bridal Show – Sunday, April 28th, 2013

You may find that the more time you can save in planning your wedding, the better. Our bridal show can be the one stop shopping experience you need to plan your entire wedding, especially if you go prepared. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of Paradise Springs Bridal Show:


  • Plan In Advance – Make a list of what you will need most and what your budget will allow for each item and service. Be sure to leave some room for the unexpected – you never know when you may see something you’ll want to have that you never thought of.
  • Be Ready To Make Decisions – Bring the major decision-makers to the Paradise Springs Bridal Show with you. If you are the major decision-maker, bring someone with you that you can bounce ideas off of. Be ready to book your favorite vendors there at the show. Some exhibitors may even offer day-of-show booking discounts.
  • Dress For The Occasion – Remember to wear comfortable shoes. Need we explain more on this one?
  • Bring mailing labels with Name, phone number & email address. This will save you time and energy when filling out forms!

Above all, have fun! Bridal shows may be useful and informative, but they’re also a blast. You’ll have a great time with your family and friends – planning your perfect day!

Paradise Rental Pricing

Table & Chair Rentals (table linens not included) (20) 60″ white round tables, seating for 8 people – $7.50 (20) 6′ white rectangle tables – $7.50 each (4) 4′ white rectangle tables – $6.50 each (160) White Folding Chairs – … Continue reading

Reunion Timeline & Checklist

Family reunions can be uplifting, rewarding and worthwhile. They can span generations and strengthen kinship. With a little organization and help from some of your relatives, holding a successful family reunion doesn’t have to be a lot of work.


Keep Everything on track with a Timeline & Checklist. Use our suggestions below or use the space provided to write in tasks unique to your gathering.


1 year before the event:

  • Confirm interest from family members.
  • Form committees.
  • Create a timeline and checklist.
  • Decide what type of reunion you want.
  • Pick a date.
  • Pick a location and reserve the site (if necessary).
  • Establish a mailing list.
  • Send out “save-the-date” cards.

6 to 9 months before:

  • Establish a budget and decide how the gathering will be financed.
  • Plan a theme.
  • Delegate responsibilities to committees.
  • Plan food. Reserve caterer (if required).
  • Start defining games and activities for the gathering.
  • Begin compiling family history or family directory for distribution at the event, if desired.

3 to 6 months before:

  • Send out the first invitation or family reunion newsletter including details on date, location, lodging, transportation, cost and any other relevant information for your gathering. Also be sure to include RSVP information.
  • Determine and reserve needed equipment (tents, barbecue cookers, tables, etc.).
  • Determine supplies to be purchased (food, paper plates, first aid supplies, etc.).
  • Begin design and production of T-shirt, hat or other apparel for the gathering, if desired.

1 to 3 months before:

  • Send out reminder invitations or follow-up newsletter.
  • Identify and invite family members who may have been overlooked before.
  • Determine the decorations that will reinforce the theme at the event.
  • Reserve lodging for out-of-towners who request it.

Month of event:

  • Send out reminder invitations or follow-up newsletter.
  • Purchase required nonperishables. Arrange for their storage and delivery to the site.
  • Coordinate the bringing of potluck dishes/foods (if applicable).
  • Finalize list of expected attendees.
  • Adjust food quantities and supplies accordingly.
  • Arrange transportation for out-of-towners (if applicable).
  • Check in with committees to finalize plans.

Final week before:

  • Make final contacts with family members to ensure attendance.
  • Prepare reminder list for last-minute details.
  • Buy perishable foods and begin preparation.
  • Make sure equipment is delivered and set up.
  • Pick up arriving out-of-towners (if applicable).
  • Set up decorations.

During the event:

  • Keep your camera close by and take lots of photographs and video.
  • Take care of any last-minute concerns that can be handled, and ignore the rest.
  • Most important of all: enjoy!

After the event:

  • Coordinate cleanup and return of equipment.
  • Make copies of photos, videos and family trees and distribute as requested.
  • Congratulate yourself for a job well done.
  • Vow never to do it again. Then immediately start planning your next family gathering!
  • Pick a committee chair and determine date and timing of next reunion.

Plan an Unforgettable Reunion – part 3

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